SAG-AFTRA General American Narrator

Fiction & Non-Fiction Audiobook Samples

What's so special about Lisa?

Lisa's 'Secret Sauce' is her intelligence. She has the ability to easily & quickly interpret scripts to convey the author's intent. She connects dots easily and effectively. Bonus days? Her natural wit & sarcasm can bring quirky humor to most any title.

Custom reads available on request.

My favorite genres to narrate include:

TL:DR Bio:

Words, stories, & knowledge rock. 

I have Philosophy & English degrees and tons of Business Land experience.

My voice can be assorted versions of Southern or not.  I’m always professional and helpful.

Narration combines everything ever into a career I love & therefore; rocks.

Outside the booth?  Cats, puzzles, dragons, & nature rock.

I also like rocks.

For all the info about me you’d ever want to know, plus some — read on and check out the All About page.

About those Narration & Writing Needs You Have

Welcome! I am a female American narrator and storyteller. Most of my work is in audiobooks, especially academic or scholarly nonfiction titles. My specialties include Politics & Social Sciences and Personal Development

I also do voiceover work, primarily AD, IVR, explainer videos, and eLearning or corporate narration

Beyond my voice work, I write AD (Audio Description) and am an audio engineer on a freelance basis. Beyond all the employee protocols and manuals I’ve created, I’ve also written articles for a few online platforms over the years.

On a quest for an excellent non-fiction audiobook narrator for your voluminous tomes? Does your academic catalog crave more accessibility? Do you have dense, thick, complex, or difficult material to convey? Is your stack of dry (but witty!) titles needing a narrator about to bury you? 

Perhaps I can helpMy passion is to do meaningful work and my superpower is assisting others. Message me if I can help you or with any questions. Live long and prosper!


Audiobook recording equipment & space:

Mic: Neumann TLM 102; Interface: SSL2; PC with battery and redundant data backups. Reaper & Rx Standard.  My dedicated recording booth is customized with double walls, Auralex foam, carpeting, and a cloud ceiling. 

Contact info:

Email me directly: lisa [at] or reach out via social media (@lisaswarervo) – though I’m rarely on the socialz so DM responses may be delayed! 😉 

Looking forward to hearing from you! Have a good one & take care.