A smiling Lisa in her booth. There is an XLR microphone in front of her and black foam with horizontal ridges on either side. At the back is a red dragon rug hanging on the wall.

Welcome to my website! Thanks for stopping by. I am a female American narrator and storyteller. Most of my work is in audiobooks, especially nonfiction titles. I also do voiceover work, primarily IVR, explainer videos, and eLearning or corporate narration.

Beyond my voice work, I am a writer. There are a few books spiraling in my brain aching to escape. I’ve composed and/or edited a ton of manuals and tip sheets for my business clients. I’ve written articles for a few online platforms and have recently begun digging into Audio Description, both as a Describer and Voice Talent. 

My passion is to assist others however I can. Please reach out if I can help you or with any questions. Live long and prosper!

Custom reads available on request.

Non-Fiction & Fiction Audiobook Samples

Audio Description Sample

A few minutes from Pretty Woman with audio description written, voiced, and produced by me. (Hat tip, credit, and acknowledgement, and eternal thanks to Dr. Joel Snyder and the amazing team from the August 2021 ACP/ADP Audio Description Institute for the snippet and training on how to Make it So!)

TL:DR Bio:

Words, stories, & knowledge rock. 

I have Philosophy & English degrees and tons of Business Land experience.

My voice can be assorted versions of Southern or not.  I’m always professional and helpful.

Being a writer & narrator rocks.  It combines everything ever into a career I love.

Outside the booth?  Cats, puzzles, dragons, & nature rock.

I also like rocks.

Wordy bio:

Hi, I’m Lisa. How can I assist in bringing your project to life? Helping has always been my thing. I am powerful, perceptive, and playful – at the intersection of serious and fun (in voice, writing, and being).

I’m a natural fit for Business, Self Development (aka self-help), and other non-fiction yet also thrive with fiction genres such as Mystery/Thrillers, Sci-Fi/Fantasy (love me some GameLit!), and the occasional Romance. Having a versatile & modulated voice, I can meet a range of tones and vocal styles. My special sauce is the ability to find and convey the humor in even the most academic of tomes.

Thanks to an extended stay in St. Louis, Missouri (Go Blues!), my natural speaking voice is general North American. However, as a native Southerner – born in Mississippi, time in central Florida, NC Piedmont, & currently residing in Appalachia – I can employ a variety of accents/dialects ranging from Dixie Southern Belle to Lowland Country Girl.

Honing my craft is a daily exercise that I love, always working with coaches & going to webinars and workshops. I study with the best in the industry and read the classics in between.

I have an extensive managerial, administrative, and IT/technical background, love all things science, especially Astronomy, and read Philosophy for fun. I am a genuine Lover of Wisdom.

Reach out and let’s create magic together!

Audiobook recording equipment & space:

Neumann TLM 102; Audient iD4; PC with battery and redundant data backups.  Running Reaper & Rx7.  My recording space is dedicated and treated with professional foam, carpeting, and a cloud ceiling.

Contact info:

Email me directly lisa [at] lisasware.com or reach out via social media.  Fill out The Form Below to sign up for periodic newsletter-type things.  (Use the form on the Send a Message page for a response.)  Looking forward to hearing from you! Take care.

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