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All About Lisa (Media Kit)

Brief Bio for Media Purposes:

     An avid lover of words, Lisa adores all sorts of stories and knowledge. She holds degrees in Philosophy and English. Life before narration involved a lot of real estate, lawyers, and computers.

     After being raised in Mississippi on a cattle farm and living in St. Louis, Missouri a spell, she now lives in a log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.

     Hobbies include dragons, astronomy, puzzles, cats, and nature. Things she know a lot about include topics from Stoicism to submersibles to organ transplant. Her core values include compassion, constant learning, and integrity.

Lisa S. Ware, narrator, storyteller, creator. Powerful, perceptive, & playful.

What's so special about Lisa?

Lisa's 'Secret Sauce' is her intelligence. She has the ability to easily & quickly interpret scripts to convey the author's intent. She connects dots others don't even see. Bonus days? Her natural wit & sarcasm can bring quirky humor to most any title.

Favorite Genres to Narrate


Long passages/full title

Short passages/dialogue

(Easily able to learn most any accent for brief bits as needed.)



Home Studio Equipment & Information

Wordy Bio for Reading Purposes (and SEO, let's be honest)

Hi, I’m Lisa. How can I assist in bringing your project to life? Helping has always been my thing. I am powerful, perceptive, and playful – at the intersection of serious and fun (in voice, writing, and being).

I’m a natural fit for Business, Self Development (aka self-help), and other non-fiction yet also thrive with fiction genres such as Mystery/Thrillers, Sci-Fi/Fantasy (love me some GameLit!), and the occasional Romance. Having a versatile & modulated voice, I can meet a range of tones and vocal styles. My special sauce is the ability to find and convey the humor in even the most academic of tomes.

Thanks to an extended stay in St. Louis, Missouri (Go Blues!), my natural speaking voice is general North American. However, as a native Southerner – born in Mississippi, time in central Florida, NC Piedmont, & currently residing in Appalachia – I can employ a variety of accents/dialects ranging from Dixie Southern Belle to Lowland Country Girl.

Honing my craft is a daily exercise that I love, always working with coaches & going to webinars and workshops. I study with the best in the industry and read the classics in between.

I have an extensive managerial, administrative, and IT/technical background, love all things science, especially Astronomy, and read Philosophy for fun. I am a genuine Lover of Wisdom.

Reach out and let’s create magic together!

Smiling image of Lisa in her booth wearing a St. Louis Blues hockey jersey. There is a microphone with a pop filter and computer screen in the background. A stuffed Woodstock is sitting on an audio interface and papers are clipped to the foam on the walls.
Lisa bleeds Blue.