Brief Bio:

An avid lover of words, Lisa adores all sorts of stories and knowledge. She holds degrees in Philosophy and English and her life before narration involved a lot of real estate, lawyers, and computers. Hobbies include dragons, astronomy, puzzles, cats, and nature.

Lisa S. Ware, narrator, storyteller, creator. Powerful, perceptive, & playful.

What's so special about Lisa?

Lisa's 'Secret Sauce' is her intelligence. She has the ability to easily & quickly interpret scripts to convey the author's intent. She connects dots others don't even see. Bonus days? Her natural wit & sarcasm can bring quirky humor to most any title.

Favorite Genres to Narrate


Long passages/full title

Short passages/dialogue

(Easily able to learn most any accent for brief bits as needed.)



Home Studio Equipment & Information

Smiling image of Lisa in her booth wearing a St. Louis Blues hockey jersey. There is a microphone with a pop filter and computer screen in the background. A stuffed Woodstock is sitting on an audio interface and papers are clipped to the foam on the walls.
Lisa bleeds Blue.