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Tag: narration

Becoming a Narrator: Philosophy made me do it

Origins of a Stoic Storyteller Welcome to my very first official blog post! This space will be used to provide (not so) Deep Thoughts and random commentary, generally about or tied to audiobooks or corporate narration (a.k.a e-Learning). But first, I need to get my writing muscles stretched. That means an origin story! Because what can one write about more easily than one’s self?  My name is not Slim Shady. My name is, however, Lisa. I’m snarky and sarcastic and laugh a lot, often inappropriately.  Also, Stoicism made me a Narrator. Stoicism, for those who are unfamiliar, is a school of philosophy from Ancient Greek & Rome. has an excellent article for a deep dive, but the gist (also from their website) is as follows:  In short, Stoicism is a tool set that helps us direct our thoughts and actions in an unpredictable world. We don’t control and cannot…